One day tour from Ahmadabad

Foreigner and Indian are frequently visiting Ahmadabad for heritage place. Ahmedabad has so many heritage place as well as some good place where people can enjoy and feel the relax. I want to share some beautiful place with you.

Hangout for youngster.

Law Garden

Even lots of celebrity coming there for film/serial shooting as well for costume also. This place should be visit 5 pm to 11 pm. As the market open on this time only. Also there is KHANIPINI bazaar where all kind of food you can enjoy.


Manekchowk never sleep. Vegetable and fruit vendor start their business in the early morning, then Gold-Silver market opens and after it. Then fast food stall opens in night. This market open hours.

Kankria Lake

Kankria Lake situated at middle of city. There are lots of things that you can visit in Kankria such as Zoo, beautiful rides, Lake and many more things that you can pass whole day with your family as picnic.

Some Pilgrims – One day tour from Ahmadabad

Ahmed Shah Mosque
Construction: 1414 A.D
Place: Lal Darwaja
Established by : Sultan Ahmed Shah

Akshardham Temple
Place: Kalupur (old Ahmedabad)

Hathee Singh Temple (Jain Temple)
Construction: 1850 AD
Established by: Hathee Singh

Jama Masjid
Construction: 1423 A.D,
Place : Teen Darwaja – Opp. Gandhi Road
Established by: Sultan Ahmed Shah

Rani Rupmati Mosque
Construction: 1430-1440 AD
Established by Sultan Mehmud Beghara

Sidi Sayed Mosque
Construction: 1573
Established by Sultan Ahmed Shah
Place: Lal Darwaja – Bhadra

Last but not least Gujarat Science City, yes it’s not heritage place but I must be recommended visiting this place. If you are science lover then this place will you attract the most even this place ideal for children where lots of information can be getting about Science?

After so many researches I have made draft for you and hopefully you will like it.

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