One day tour from Ahmadabad

Foreigner and Indian are frequently visiting Ahmadabad for heritage place. Ahmedabad has so many heritage place as well as some good place where people can enjoy and feel the relax. I want to share some beautiful place with you.

Hangout for youngster.

Law Garden

Even lots of celebrity coming there for film/serial shooting as well for costume also. This place should be visit 5 pm to 11 pm. As the market open on this time only. Also there is KHANIPINI bazaar where all kind of food you can enjoy. Continue reading

Heritage walk of Ahmedabad

When you are talking about heritage then quickly we think about something old yet unique. So what is old still unique and lovable. As I think ‘POLE’, you just go to old Ahmedabad and see the structure of ‘POLE’ and how they beautifully structured as well as unique.

Why POLE is unique?

POLE was structured 200+ years ago still those buildings are strong. The way people were storing water (water never gets dirty and always good for health). As we walked through POLE then we can see best wooden structure homes, haveli (home for reach and big officer), Temple, Chabutra (where all birds come for feeding) Continue reading

Interesting facts about Ambaji Temple

So are you planning to go Ambaji and good decision? This is the holiest place in Gujarat. Many celebrities and industrialist coming here very frequently.

Ambaji is goddess of Hindu community. Ambaji temple is situated at high hill of Ambaji city. People coming here walk through in the month of Bhadaravo (ભાદરવો) also called as Bhadarvi Poonam (Gujarati month) from all over the India to pray Ambaji mataji.

As per belief in Ramayan, Lord Rama and Laxman came to Ashram of Shrungi Rushi in search of Sita Mata where they were advised to worship and pray to Amba Mataji. And they did so and Ambaji Mata gave him an amazing arrow namely “Ajay”, with the help of which he killed his enemy Ravan. Continue reading

Famous and Unknown place for Ahmedabad tour

There are lots of famous place you can visit in Ahmedabad tour. So we will share some famous and unknown place. And it is worth to know if you are coming from out-of-state or country and even from Ahmedabad.

Must visit famous place in Ahmedabad.

Jhulta Minar / Bibiji Mosque

The Jhulta Minar was established by Sidi Bashir in 1452.It is located opposite the Sarangpur Darwaja, Nearby Kalupur Railway Station. It was destroyed in 1753 during war between Khan and Marathas. Jhulta Minar (Minarets Vibration or Shaking Minarets) yet unknown why it is vibrate. Continue reading